• W&W How-to…! ---> $10 Cocktail Smoker Build: SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!

    Have you ever drooled over the prospect of owning your own cocktail smoker but soured at the ridiculous price of these beauties online?  Well, cons...
  • DISTILLERY FOCUS | Arise, Ardnahoe!

    There are several elements that need to be put in place to establish a successful whisky distillery; location is one of the most important, closely followed by having the right team in place. With regards to the former, Ardnahoe Distillery couldn’t have a better placement, perched as it is on Islay’s northern coast and overlooking the Isle of Jura. As for the latter, it is family bonds, as well as vast industry experience, that ensures the company behind the project had the strongest possible foundations on which to build Islay’s ninth working distillery.
  • Taste | Ryes of Europe

    When you think of rye whiskey, you think of North America. The two are entwined by history and lore, and it’s hard to imagine sipping a glass of rye without musing on its traditional homeland. This whiskey love affair is a ballad for the ages but, as with most things in life, it wasn’t always wrapped up in rose-tinted memories and romanticism. It started as many of these things do: through necessity.
  • Production: The little cask that could

    As with the advent of many of history’s great inventions, the octave cask was not the product of fastidiously and carefully developed methodology, but rather the consequence of serendipity – a happy accident. It stands among countless other items that we now take for granted: penicillin, Coca-Cola, microwave ovens, and even cornflakes were unexpected and fortuitous discoveries made whilst in pursuit of something else. Indeed, the same can be said of the effect oak casks used to transport Scotch across the country – sometimes legally, sometimes not – had on the colour, aroma, and flavour of the spirit contained within.
  • Johnnie Walker unveils ambitious sustainability roadmap

    Johnnie Walker has announced the 'next steps' in its sustainability journey
    Johnnie Walker is launching its most ambitious sustainability initiative to date, which sets goals to drastically reduce its environmental footprint over the next decade.
  • Kentucky Peerless announces UK launch date

    Kentucky Peerless Distilling has announced its launch in the UK, debuting on 26 April, 2021.

    The Louisville, Kentucky-based fourth and fifth generation family-owned craft producer is moving in to the UK market following an award-winning year for its whiskey.
  • Larceny | Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch B520

    Specifications Brand: Heaven HillExpression: Barrel Proof Bourbon Batch B520Type: USA Whisky / BourbonAge: No Age StatementABV: 61.1%Country/R...
  • Whisky Learning: The formation of character

    April 23rd, 2020: St George’s Day. It was an unseasonably warm spring day in England as 16 burgeoning distillers logged into a historic Zoom call. No doubt every participant felt a sense of nervous anticipation, for this was the first meeting of English whisky producers in their collective mission to establish a formal, self-governed association, and a binding definition for the category.
  • Interview: In high demand

    There’s a mounted fish hanging above the door inside master distiller Chris Fletcher’s office at Jack Daniel’s Distillery in Lynchburg, Tennessee. It’s a muskie that was caught in Tennessee sometime in the mid-1960s and it’s about four feet long. It’s the same fish that’s pictured, hook in nose, in an advert for Jack Daniel’s whiskey that sits framed on a shelf near the door. In the ad, a man with soft features and an ecstatic grin holds it up to the camera. “Nobody fishes any better than our head stiller,” the text reads. “According to our friends, nobody makes whiskey any better either.”
  • Global archive immersion

    Alex Thomas, The Sexton master blender, is one of the few female master blenders in the Irish whiskey industry. In this issue she talks about her desire to explore San Francisco, love of classic whiskey cocktails, and why she now only ever books aisle seats.
  • The Ryes of Wyoming Whiskey

    When Brad and Kate Mead founded Wyoming Whiskey a decade ago, their inspiration was a smooth Kentucky wheated Bourbon. They followed the example of Kentucky Bourbon makers, but that’s not quite how their whiskey turned out. Did terroir affect it or is the whiskey a product of its environment? The 10-year history of Wyoming Whiskey is a story of people, landscape and mistakes made along the way.
  • Heaven Hill announces spring 2021 Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond

    Kentucky-based Heaven Hill Distillery has unveiled the release of its spring 2021 bottling of Old Fitzgerald Bottled-in-Bond Kentucky Straight Bourbon.