Eat Your Bourbon

Eat Your Bourbon

Many years ago, I attended a soy sauce tasting conducted by Chef Castro at the Brown Hotel in Louisville, Kentucky. This Bourbon Woman was utterly fascinated after attending about a million Bourbon tastings; captivated by something unique and exploratory for my passionate foodie side. What struck me were the different flavor components and vast styles of soy sauces that I took for granted. Sound familiar?  Flavor and styles of whisky perhaps? So, when I first met Matt Jamie back in the mid 2000s, connected by a mutual foodie acquaintance, I listened to his vision of creating micro soy sauces aged in Bourbon barrels. I celebrate umami like any foodie and Bourbon lover does, so of course I connected on that front. However, to create a total company and brand identity was more than I ever thought could happen for soy sauce in America… but he most certainly did. Add a splash of Bourbon barrel flavor on that soy and I will happily eat my Bourbon.


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