The Company

Our Story

Having forged many bonds of friendship during combat and military service, we understand that at the root of every friendship and every community lies a foundation of shared interests and experiences. In December of 2020, we founded Warriors & Whiskey to cultivate a community of whiskey enthusiasts bound by our shared interests in the greatest distilled spirit in the world.

Our Name

The name Warriors & Whiskey is inspired by the millions of selfless American heroes that have laid their life on the line for our amazing country and our way of life. The fierceness and boldness of our American warriors are exemplified in the spirits that we so often raise in honor of their service and sacrifice.

Our Mission

To inspire and cultivate within the human spirit a passion for community - one sip of whiskey at a time.

Our Community

We have always believed that each of us has a responsibility to connect with our humanity and to embrace old friendships and to create new ones. This axiom motivates, compels, and drives us to share Warriors & Whiskey with each of you and to lead the charge for giving back to those in need.