Whiskey & Warriors on The Scuttlebutt Show

Whiskey & Warriors on The Scuttlebutt Show

Warriors & Whiskey founders sit down with The Scuttlebutt show to have a chat, give some insight and some laughs! 

NOTE: Show starts live at 5:15 minutes in.

Welcome! The ScuttleButt Show is a Veteran themed YouTube Channel and Podcast focused on my Military experience and life after including daily Military News Stories covering all the branches and AOR's. I hope you enjoy. Feel free to drop me a line @thescuttlebuttshow on all social or email me at thescuttlebuttshow@gmail.com

#scuttlebutt #trainedtotrain Veterans Whiskey Club is a group for Whiskey Lovers built by 3 Navy Veterans and is taking off as a one stop shop for a great conversation and club.

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