The final finish

The final finish

Written by Peggy Noe Stevens

I enjoy a traditional Bourbon. I’m not exactly a purist who insists that you only add water to your amber elixir. Many a cocktail with Bourbon does my heart the world of good. Profiling whiskey flavors by identifying the best aromas and taste is my jam, all the way to describing the finish. How that Bourbon collectively sits on the tongue with its gorgeous mouthfeel and oh so lovely heat, usually needs no explanation.

So, when an extra layer of flavor is added that twists and turns my palate, I pay attention. I call this the “final finish”, as barrel finishes are taking place all over the Bourbon industry and I have a front row seat. For consumers this means a soft adventure down whiskey lane for innovative, creative and sometimes surprising repertoires of expressions to add on nicely to your tasting pleasure.

But do we understand what the final finish represents? Is it artisan, or marketing? Worth paying a little more for a bottle, or covering up young Bourbon and defects? Joyously the answer is any way you cut it, or should I say drink it. Take your buds on a wild ride and decide for yourself, I think you will be amazed.


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