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In this issue, Alex Thomas, The Sexton master blender, delves into her top travel dos and don’ts.
By Joe Bates
Alex Thomas, The Sexton master blender, is one of the few female master blenders in the Irish whiskey industry. In this issue she talks about her desire to explore San Francisco, love of classic whiskey cocktails, and why she now only ever books aisle seats.

What have been some of the most memorable and interesting countries that your work has taken you to?
Spain has to be the most memorable and interesting. It was on one of these trips that I discovered the amazing oloroso sherry that we use to season each cask of The Sexton. Jerez, a beautiful part of Spain, is steeped in history and is well renowned for producing famous sherry. I have also managed to visit a few cities in America such as New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and San Francisco, but only for short periods of time, so I haven’t had the opportunity to explore. The people I have had the pleasure of meeting during these short trips made it extremely rewarding and have instilled the desire in me to return.

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