Courage & Conviction line extended with three new whiskeys

Courage & Conviction line extended with three new whiskeys

Three Courage & Conviction medallions

Virginia Distillery Company releases a core trio of casks to make up the Courage & Conviction line

Virginia Distillery Company has announced the release of three new whiskeys to be added to the Courage & Conviction portfolio, featuring individual bottlings of the core trio of casks currently making up the line’s offering: Bourbon, sherry and cuvee.

The range is the distillery’s flagship American single malt whiskey line, created with 100 per cent North American malted barley and aged for a minimum of three years at the distillery.

“These individual bottlings are a great way for us to highlight the casks that are foundational to the Courage & Conviction line,” said Virginia Distillery Company CEO Gareth H. Moore “One example is that we are one of only a handful of distilleries in the world to use these unique Cuvée casks, a profile developed by the late Dr. Jim Swan.”

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