Buffalo Trace unveils Kosher Whiskey trio

Buffalo Trace unveils Kosher Whiskey trio

Buffalo Trace Distillery first introduced its annual release of Kosher Whiskey in 2020, and now it is returning to retail in May this year.

The distillery began working on this collection in 2010 with the Chicago Rabbinical Council, aiming to create what it believes to be the first authentic Kosher whiskey.

During Passover, Kosher law mandates that whiskey should not be either owned or consumed by Jews. In 2012 the Chicago Rabbinical Council oversaw the sale of new American oak Kosher barrels in a contract of sale to a non-Jewish executive, the Buffalo Trace president, Mark Brown. The barrels were then filled with whiskey and stored away, specially marked ‘Kosher Whiskey’ in order to age. 

Read more at https://americanwhiskeymag.com/2021/04/07/buffalo-trace-unveils-kosher-whiskey-trio/

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